Digital Advertising Management
and Consulting

We have a proven process for building, launching, and scaling Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Digital Advertising Management and Consulting

We have a proven process for building, launching, and scaling Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad campaigns.

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We help make scaling your business more predictable, less stressful and simpler for you

Google Advertising Management and Consulting

Reach new high value customers and increase sales

We have a reliable and efficient method for helping e-commerce, SaaS, technology, and local service businesses accomplish their Google advertising goals.

We're a Certified Google Partner Agency

We're recognized as a trusted Google Partner Agency that has demonstrated great account performance, managed significant ad spend, and is industry certified.


We maintain consistently high ad campaign and ad account optimization scores, which is an indicator of setting up client accounts for high levels of performance. 

Managed Ad Spend

We manage significant amounts of ad spend on a monthly basis. We have the ability to help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success on an ongoing basis.


Our Google Ads managers have years of industry experience and have demonstrated proficiency in Google Ads by earning Google Ads certifications.

We have a proven track record of helping businesses reach new customers and increase revenue using digital advertising.


“Working with Fractal Marketing has helped transform my business! The investment has paid for itself many times over and I can’t say how amazing the service and quality of work is.”

Kent Peters, Supernatural Survival Gear

E-commerce store owner

The benefits of working with Fractal Marketing

The benefits of working with Fractal Marketing

Senior Level Specialists

All of our ad campaigns are created, monitored, and managed by certified senior level experts. Our client projects are executed by a fully in-house team, and we don’t outsource work to other agencies.


We are not a “jack of all trades” agency. Our team is focused on helping our clients achieve their web development, web design, and digital advertising goals.

Own Your Data

When you work with us, you keep full access to your advertising account at all times. All of the data within the account is yours and always will be.

Simple Project Management

Easily communicate with our team or track the progress of your project using our user friendly project management tool, Basecamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses today have many channel options to chose from when it comes to investing into digital marketing, from social media marketing to email marketing to organic SEO.

While each channel comes with its own pros and cons, we believe digital advertising stands alone as the best option for most businesses. Here are the reasons why:

1) Reach the right customer at the right time

Digital advertising is one of the only ways that you’re able to target customers actively looking for your product or service.

2) Track results in a reliable way and control your budget

Digital advertising gives you the ability to effectively measure the success of your advertising campaigns and adjust your ad budget accordingly.

3) Scale high performing campaigns

You always have the option of scaling up your winning campaigns to reach new customers or drive more sales.

In our experience, we’ve found that digital advertising works best for business that are generating a minimum of $5,000 per month in sales and have established some level of what we call “product or service market fit.”

This simply means your brand has found a section of the market that it can consistently serve with a product or service and you have a reliable way of delivering that product or service to your customers.

We also require that all of our digital advertising clients have a minimum monthly ad spend of $1500, which is paid to the individual platform, plus monthly agency fees.

With that being said, we are open to working with new business who are still establishing themselves if they’re able to meet other qualifying criteria. These include having a sufficient monthly ad budget and a full understanding of the challenges associated with launching digital advertising campaigns for a new business.

Our digital advertising services feature tiered pricing that scales in relation to your monthly ad spend.

We also require that all of our digital advertising clients have a minimum monthly ad spend of $1500.

Please contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with personalized quote.

It typically takes about 90 days to determine if there’s potential for a predictable, scalable growth schedule within the ad account.

All of our digital advertising projects begin with a 3-month contract. From there, we move into a month-to-month agreement.

We value freedom and flexibility, which is why we don’t lock our clients into unnecessary long term contracts.

Contact our team and request a free digital assessment to get started.