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Business Branding and Graphic Design

Graphic design and branding go hand in hand. Whether you need a graphic designer for logos, infographics, business cards, flyers, or anything in between, you want to make sure your designers understand your business, its values, and its message.

Getting Started with Branding

When looking to brand your business for the first time, or looking at rebranding your business, you should always start with the logo design. Your company logo should represent your company and its values – as the logo is the most memorable part of any business branding.

Considering how your logo will look not only on digital formats, but also across anything print-related, like business cards, letterhead, and industry reports is an important factor when thinking about graphic design for business.

Consistency is Key

You want to make sure that your branding efforts are consistent across the board. You want to make sure that you’re using the same colour palette across your entire library of branding assets. That means using the exact same red and grey on your logo, website, and any print media you have.

You also want to make sure that you’re using consistent sizing and dimensions for your business’ visual assets – you wouldn’t want your logo to look warped and skewed because it wasn’t the right dimension, would you?

Graphic Design Toronto

Graphic design in Toronto is all everywhere – restaurant menus, signage, business cards on Bay Street – you name it! No matter what you need a design for, our graphic designers have the experience to create graphics that represent you and your business.

How our Graphic Design Process Works

Graphic design is a creative, iterative process. Here are some of the major steps in working with our professional graphic designers at Fractal Marketing.


Budget & Timeline

First and foremost, figure out how much your budget is, and when you need the graphic(s) to be completed by. When it comes to budget, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. And remember, as with any creative process, this process takes time. If you’re looking for a graphic design in a hurry, maybe look elsewhere. 


Free Consultation

Our graphic designers will learn about your business, industry, and message, and give you a custom quote for your graphic design project. When coming into your free graphic design consultation, you should be ready to talk about your company’s story, personality, tone, and the direction you’re headed. 


Design, Revise, Finalize

Our expert Toronto graphic designers will create your graphic(s). Once they’re finished, you’ll have an opportunity to revise the design. Once you’re thrilled with the result, we’ll finalize the design and send you all of the source files for your project. You’ll own 100% of anything our designers create for you.

Our Graphic Design Portfolio

Here’s just a sample of the type of graphic design work our team of Toronto graphic designers are capable of.

Premium Business Card

Packaging / Takeout Bags

Annual Report

Outdoor Signage for Business

Stationary - Letterhead and Envelope

Textured Business Card Design

Graphic Design Services

Our expert graphic designers are ready to take on any design challenge you throw at them. Get in touch with us for a custom quote for your project.

Designer By the Hour


Our graphic designers at Fractal Marketing, a graphic design agency in Toronto, can help with a wide range of graphic projects by the hour.

Business Cards


Our graphic designers at Fractal Marketing, a graphic design agency in Toronto, will create a premium business card design. 

Business Stationary


Our graphic design experts at Fractal Marketing, a graphic design agency in Toronto, will create a premium business card design with matching stationary for your business.

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