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There is no waving of a magic wand, no smoke and mirrors, and no tricks that get you to the top of Google by the end of the week.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Toronto SEO

Here are some of the most common questions we get as an SEO Company in Toronto.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting a website to rank higher in organic search results for relevant keywords in your industry.

Organic SEO differs from paid traffic because you do not pay for ads directly in order to get that traffic, like you would with pay per click ads.

In order to properly gauge the amount of investment required to get you results, our team of Toronto SEO experts will need to learn more about your business and your goals.

That being said, the more you put into SEO, the more you get out of it. Oftentimes, campaigns fail due to not having the appropriate amount of investment that lines up with the goal of the project.

We offer several levels of SEO services at various budgets:

  • A one-time SEO Starter Package for $1000
  • The Basic SEO Package for $500/month (requires 3 months prepaid)
  • The Small Business Package for $1000/month
  • The Enterprise Package for $2500/month
  • The Corporate Package for $5000+/month.

Our Small Business, Enterprise, and Corporate SEO packages all offer 3, 6, and 12 month prepaid discounts at 10%, 15%, and 20% off, respectively.

This the golden question that our SEO experts get asked a lot. Usually, the answer lies in the answer to two questions:

  1. Where are you starting from? Is your website brand new, or are you on the second page of Google (or even the first)?
  2. How much effort and what level of investment are you willing to put into your SEO services?

Obviously, the closer you are to the top, the faster you’ll get there. It’s easier to go from 10th to 5th place in a race than it is to go from 100th to 5th.

On top of that, the more effort you’re putting into the project, the faster you’ll see results.

Again, and we can’t stress this enough, there is no fast track, there is no magic wand. SEO TAKES TIME.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to see meaningful results in a period of 3-6 months.

You can expect a big ROI when it comes to Toronto SEO. As we’ve said, SEO is one of those things where you get what you put into it. A low amount of investment in terms of time, money, and effort, will generally yield a low ROI, and a higher investment will generally yield a tremendous ROI.

The great thing about investing in SEO is that it is continuously growing and feeding off of itself.

SEO is a long-term play for your business, and the long-term ROI can be enormous.

Maybe. Let us explain.

Although our SEO specialists give it their all to make your website rank higher, sometimes, it’s just not feasible.

If you are in an ultra-competitive niche and don’t have the same level of budget that your Rank #1 competitors do, chances are, we won’t be able to beat your competitors for that top spot. (This goes back to the $300 vs. $3000 comparison earlier.)

That being said, our SEO gurus are going to do everything they can to get you the highest rankings possible.

SEO is organic in that you do not have to spend any money on ads in order to show up in search results.

Pay Per Click ads are displayed at the top of search results for relevant keywords, and you pay every time someone clicks your ad.

Organic results will always show up in their ranking spot. Sometimes they will go up or down, but you can always expect them to show up for general searches.

Both are great ways of driving traffic to your website, it just depends on what your goals and time frame are. If you need instant access to your market or have a short-term goal, pay per click ads and paid media are a good option for you. If you are looking for long-term staying power, SEO services are the way to go.

In short, no. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be Rank #1 on Google. In fact, nobody can.

At the end of the day, Google is the only entity that has a say in where you rank on their search engine. Anyone who says they can guarantee you a #1 spot on Google is selling you snake oil and is doing so behind smoke and mirrors.

While we can’t guarantee specific results, we can guarantee that our Toronto SEO Experts are fiercely passionate about what they do and will fight tooth and nail to rank your website higher on Google.

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